A hello from Lea.

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Here, the pen will hit paper, thoughts, feelings, and advice will be shared. We have a lot to take in each day, for this reason, it won’t be a daily or weekly thing. Intention and fulfillment will be at the core of this journal. You can expect short entries that will most likely come every other month or so. Suggestions on how to best enjoy this ride we call life will be offered, while at times rawness will make an appearance.

Allow me to provide a little snapshot into who I am. I’ve been married to Steven for almost 15 years now and we have two beautifully witty (thought I was going to stop at beautiful, didn’t you?) children. We live in Oakland, California, and have called this place our home for our entire existence.

Regularly seeking new ways to entertain, dine, express, and travel with purpose moved me to document all of the moments I deem worthy. As a result, I remain hopeful that many will choose to do the same. Feel moved to propose in the most unique location this world has to offer, feel moved to set a Parisian-style cafe table for two just because it’s a Tuesday, or feel empowered and so moved to begin a community-healing process. 

My name is Lea Stafford, I’m a wedding planner + designer who wants to share my experience, tips, tricks, and recommendations on all things lifestyle and weddings. Welcome to the journal.


Lea Stafford of Lea Stafford Events in silk blouse posing for photography on Fourth Street in Berkeley, Ca.
Beautiful Black family on the beach on Maui at a Luau
Vintage glassware filled with Scribe rose
Black and white photo of classic vehicle in France


Imagery: La Dichosa, Lance Nicoll, Kara Brodgesell and Dani Toscano.