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We’re so excited and honored to have collaborated with Wedding Sparrow on “Why You Should Use A Planner For Your Engagement Session Too”.

Here at LSE, we value the importance of storytelling. Each couple has their own story and we believe it deserves to be highlighted, not only on your wedding day, but also during your engagement session!

If you have officially decided to move forward with planning an engagement session or still thinking about it, keep reading to check out our Top 6 reasons on how an engagement session adds to your wedding planning process and special day.


“Our clients are often creative in their own right, bold, and outside-of-the-box thinkers, so we thoroughly enjoy working with them on creating the direction for their engagement session.” – LS


During the exploration process, we work closely with you to learn more about you as individuals, and as a unit. By going through this learning phase we are able to pull bits and pieces from your story to highlight it in the most unique way possible during your session. If you two share a love for rescued dogs, let’s incorporate that! If you two met at the Proper Hotel and want to relive that experience, we are on it!

This all allows us to get extra creative, which is what we live for. This is why we include a scaled experience in the wedding planning and design service we offer.

Here are my Top 6 reasons to partner with a wedding planner when thinking about your engagement session:

1. There is something special about an outsider’s ability to pick up on the nuances of your love actions and your shared chemistry.

2. It will only strengthen your connection with your planner as you approach the wedding planning and design process.

3. Your story will be shared in the most unique and creative way.

4. The perfect locations for your story will be shared with you and in most cases vetted.

5. You will have an official Creative Director that will ideate the concept, source all items, and produce the day for all involved.

6. The day will be an experience in itself if done correctly.

We hope you agree that an engagement session is an experience that allows you to tell your story. LSE has the desire to build the connection between our company and clients.

Plan your engagement session with us today!


Thank you to Sara Russel and the Wedding Sparrow team for allowing LSE to contribute to this very special topic.

Special thank you to Camille and James for allowing LSE to create with you!


Planning & Design: Lea Stafford Events

Location: White Sands National Park

Photographer: Lynn Dunston

Article: “Why You Should Use A Planner For Your Engagement Session Too”


Imagery: La Dichosa, Lance Nicoll, Kara Brodgesell and Dani Toscano.