Black History Month: Legacy + Love

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As Black History Month comes to a close, we want to take a moment to share some additional thoughts on such an important topic for us.

Black History Month holds special significance in our hearts and our work. It is yet another opportunity to celebrate the rich culture, heritage, and achievements of Black people and we can’t think of a better way to highlight this than through the beauty and love of weddings and events. As with any culture, there are several ways to meaningfully celebrate and incorporate these elements into your event.

Family and community are integral to Black culture and our events seek to create a sense of connection through a variety of ways. Communal dining and other activities foster shared experiences. Depending on your event, incorporating elders to impart wisdom, blessings, traditions or prayer is a meaningful way to both respect their wisdom and involve others. Weddings are not just about two individuals joining together, but two families uniting. Family is never just a guest list or a group photo opportunity – it is the very essence of the celebration.

Food is another significant part of the Black culture, with traditional dishes and recipes passed down through generations and shared moments of laughter at the countertop while learning the recipe. Events may feature menus that celebrate this heritage, with dishes that have historical and cultural significance. It has been said that the best way to understand other cultures is through their food, as a way that people express themselves and share their history. Soul food ties the Black community to a long, rich culinary history. This cuisine was carried over from Africa and later adapted as social and political barriers were put into place. The act of sharing a meal is often a communal experience that brings people together, reinforcing the theme of strength and community.

Community is central to Black culture, with a strong emphasis on support networks and shared experiences. We have seen this play out beautifully at our celebrations with guest activities such as a good old “cookout”. Often our clients will want to have an experience or an event that all of their guests can participate in and feel comfortable doing so. Sometimes this happens before the wedding day and sometimes after. When you have all of your favorite people in one place, it’s a chance to take advantage of the opportunity and continue the celebration beyond the wedding day. We often continue to encourage our guests to continue the festivities with welcome receptions, group excursions, sports or game days, spa days, brunch or breakfast gatherings, or other experiences that bring people together.

Events can create spaces for networking and collaboration, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Black culture often emphasizes a sense of purpose, whether it be through activism, artistic expression, or community-building efforts. Events may align with these values, providing a platform for speakers or performances that address important social issues or celebrate Black achievements.

In Black weddings, every element, whether it’s the food, the ceremonial practice, the music, or the attire, is infused with a sense of pride, heritage, and belonging. As we commemorate Black History Month, let us celebrate the enduring legacy of love and family in Black weddings. Let us honor the traditions that bind us together and the ancestors who continue to guide us. And let us remember that in every celebration of love, family is not just present—it is the heartbeat that keeps the rhythm of our heritage alive. To see more of our work, you can visit our portfolio or our Instagram.


Imagery: La Dichosa, Lance Nicoll, Kara Brodgesell and Dani Toscano.